Video understanding toolbox developed by MVIG in SJTU, for the moment, providing models for action recognition and multi-object tracking.


AlphaVideo is an open-sourced video understanding toolbox based on PyTorch covering multi-object tracking and action detection. In AlphaVideo, we released the first one-stage multi-object tracking (MOT) system TubeTK that can achieve 66.9 MOTA on MOT-16 dataset and 63 MOTA on MOT-17 dataset. For action detection, we released an efficient model AlphAction, which is the first open-source project that achieves 30+ mAP (32.4 mAP) with single model on AVA dataset.

Quick Start


Run this command:

pip install alphavideo

from source

Clone repository from github:

git clone alphaVideo
cd alphaVideo

Setup and install AlphaVideo:

pip install .

Features & Capabilities

Paper and Citations

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This project is open-sourced and maintained by Machine Vision and Intelligence Group (MVIG) in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.